The best combos, charts and strategies for the Clash Royale Touchdown 2c2 challenge [GUIDE]

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The best combos, charts and strategies for the Clash Royale Touchdown 2c2 challenge [GUIDE]
A new update of Clash Royale brings us many new features, such as the disappearance of free coffers, and a new gameplay.
The new Touchdown 2c2 Clash Royale gameplay is causing a rage. This has been introduced along with many changes such as the disappearance of free coffers, the creation of daily challenges and many more things.

Now the questions regarding this new way are raised: How to win the new challenge? Which cards are powerful? What are the best combos? All this we answer you below.


Clash Royale Touchdown
Clash Royale Touchdown (Photo: Internet)
This game mode has a fairly simple goal: to reach any allied unit to the other side of the enemy field. The field is divided into five zones : two annotation zones for both teams, two safe zones and a central zone.

The division of spaces is because there are cards, such as El Barril de Goblins or El Minero , which can be summoned anywhere on the map in a normal game. In this case, these cards are limited to the space before the central of each team.

Something to keep in mind: this challenge is 2c2. This means that you will have a partner who can be your friend if you invite him to the challenge. This is most advisable to be able to arm strategies and coordinate in attacking different flanks of the map.

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The Tanks : Lava Hound, El Gólem and El Gigante . These cards will only stop if they find a building in the middle, so they will advance to the enemy line, slowly but withstand any blow.

Rapids : The Montapuercos, El Ariete Battle, The Dark Prince and Prince . In case of the first two, they will run without anything stopping them until they find a structure. The second, they will stop with each terrestrial objective, killing it almost instantly if they are weak and returning to the charge.

The structures : The Canyon, The goblin hut, The barbarian hut, The Bombardier Tower, The Furnace and The Canyon with wheels . These buildings will work with the perfect barriers for your finish line and give your units enough time to get to the other side.

As in classic mode, always try to place some kind of tank up front and a damage rank card behind it. The Golem and The Magician , for example, are a great combination to advance along a line and destroy everything in its path.

One strategy is to use spells, like The Hurricane , to attract the enemy characters that go on one side to your structures: this way you will have more time to eliminate them or to reach the enemy base.

Finally, also remember to balance the cost of your cards well so you can summon last minute things if you need to. There is nothing more frustrating for the enemy that his Knight is distracted by three skeletons of cost one. (Click to buy top up gems clash royale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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