FIFA Mobile will leave Windows 10 Mobile next November 7

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FIFA Mobile will leave Windows 10 Mobile next November 7
EA Sports announces in the Windows 10 Mobile application that it will withdraw the application, although it will still be possible to use it in Windows 10
In October of last year, EA Sports renewed its walk in smartphones with a new version of FIFA Mobile that included a great number of improvements and modes of game. Interestingly, the application came earlier to Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem than to Google’s operating system , although we found the same features on all platforms.

A few months later, on demand from users, the Canadian company decided to publish the game for users of Windows 10 computers and touch screen, which expanded its target audience to tablets with the Microsoft operating system. Finally, it seems that the run of FIFA Mobile on Windows smartphones will come to an end soon.

Withdrawal notice

The users of the game woke up this morning finding a message in which they were warned of the end of the service, which will arrive on November 7. Thereafter, even if the game remains installed on the phone, it will not be able to load the player profile and, therefore, will not load the game. However, FIFA Mobile players on Windows 10 tablets have not received this service termination notice.

Although EA has not revealed the reasons for the future withdrawal of the video game, everything seems to point to the change of direction of Microsoft with its mobile operating system and its orientation towards a segment of business users. In any case, remember that your profile remains synchronized and that you can keep your players and progress when playing on Windows 10, iOS or Android. (Click to buy fifa mobile points buy, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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