Clash Royale: Deck Zappy / Giant

Will the last patch be synonymous with the return of the Zappy to the front of the stage? With an increased typing speed , you might well see the legendary map back a bit in the meta. And it feels good ! The map was played very little so far, and it seems Supercell has taken note of it. So today we offer you a list Giant / Zappy , which seems one of the most optimal at the moment.
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Deck Type: Control – Average Cost: 3.6
Arena 8 and above

This list mixes the concepts of the Zap bait and the Giant deck. You have a panoply of small threats on which the opponent will waste his resources, and the possibility of making big pushes based on Giant, supported by a Zappy. Two strategies that seem to be the antipodes of one another, but which in the end marry pretty well here.

Of pushs phenomenal A little “heavy” to put in place
The concept of “Bait” works wonderfully An irregular defense
Deck surprising Not easy to play

How to play this deck?

In attack

As mentioned above, the deck is based on two distinct offensive strategies. In the first place, it is possible to harass the opposing rounds thanks to your cards with 3 elixirs. It is also a good way to test enemy defenses and begin to pinpoint its deck. Then your list is able to build a colossal push with the Giant / Zappy duo.
Fight is a very good way to feel a little enemy defenses, and quickly see the archetype or list played by your opponent. By sending the barrel full of goblins on a defenseless tower, you will mobilize his attention. Your list contains relatively few troops on the ground and you can also use the Defensively, for the blow
Minor is the other standard way to scratch a bit the crowned opponents.
Giant / Zappy is a more control-driven combo, relying on a slow but powerful push. Place your Giant in the background as soon as you have enough timing. Then put your Zappy in support behind him. The Giant will tank opponent threats and your Zappy will fire on them.

In defense

In defense, you will sometimes have to play with fire and the slightest misstep may be fatal to you. In itself, the deck is not lacking in assets, but you will have to mobilize your defensive cards sparingly. Indeed, 3 cards are very weak on your side of the field: the Fut, the minor and the Zappy. The latter is certainly capable of doing big damage to the attackers, but it will not be used to tank attacks for your towers: 6 elixirs it is an investment too large to sacrifice in this way
Giant is a map that attacks only buildings, but it is good to recall here its defensive potential. It is one of the most tanky units of the game and will create the diversion in your side of the field.
Dragon from hell will take over the big enemy units.
Arrows will effectively stop the tides of opposing troops, and if they are well pre-shot, you can counter an enemy’s Tank placed on your towers. It is an equivalent trade in terms of elixir but useful in spite of everything.
Gargoyles and Bats make up the bulk of your air force . Perfect to catch big threats such as the Balloons or the Giant, they are very useful in the meta, full of flying beasts and very often mono-targets.


The knowledge of the opposing game and its cycles are paramount to winning with this deck, since your defense will often hold only one thread. Collect as much information as possible from the beginning of the game with your Drums and Miners, then prepare a decisive assault based on Zappy.
The latter must at most be protected by a Giant or a volley of Arrows.
Finally, remember that your perfect Giant / Zappy Push costs 11 elixirs. This is huge and you may have to accept to drop a tower to create it. It is a sacrifice that may prove necessary in certain situations, as the defense is delicate with this deck. Drop a tower and concentrate your efforts on a push on the opposite side! clash royale gem discount

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