FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (15)

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A major choice

In the journey, Alex need to face a major choice.

Some of your choices will determine the fate of certain characters.

Significant choice can not be changed, so please consider carefully.

Player character

The player’s features allow Alex to unlock unique technology and capabilities.

Use skill points to buy player features.

To enhance the overall score of Alex, you can earn skill points.

Alex’s overall rating will increase with the participation of the competition and the performance of the training.


Alex’s ability to grow will vary depending on your performance and training in the tournament.

Training allows you to focus on specific ability values.

With Alex’s overall rating increase, you will unlock the skill points.

Use them to unlock unique player features.

Leader score

The team shows all the players currently in the rankings of the team.

In the event and training in a good performance, you can enhance the team’s score Alex.

The higher the team leader, the higher the chance that Alex will choose the player in the next tournament.

If Alex has always been in good shape, he is more than other teams have a higher chance to be selected. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis


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FIFA18 graphics Raiders , the make is a produced by the EA and the release of football sports games . As has the “world first movement” reputation of the football, in such a hot area in the emergence of some near-real football game will naturally appear many players buy it, which also makes FIFA series in the new situation every year is still the case Can maintain high sales. The FIFA18 believe that many players are very much looking forward to this.

And before the difference is that this addition to the PC and Sony Microsoft two main console platform, the game also to meet the latest host Nintendo released the FIFA18 switch version, although the game screen and a variety of models can not be compared with the former, but Can carry the FIFA or to the players brought a very big temptation. The game will be the same as before, divided into the standard version, Ronaldo version and the signature version of the three versions, it is worth mentioning that the pre-order Ronaldo version of the players can start three days in advance to enjoy the game, the signature version of the same can start three days in advance game, But also get some additional FUT content. So what about the game in the end? Here we give FIFA18 key operation and the full range of detailed analysis, hoping to give you help.

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis

New game features

World game, driven by the world’s top technology

With the Frostbite ™ EA SPORT ™ “FIFA18”, the distance between the virtual world and the real world, the lifelike players, the team and the atmosphere make you fully into the world of the world.

The successor to the “FIFA18” game content has been helped by the successive European champions Christians Ron Ronado (Christian Ronaldo).

The game introduces Ronado (Ronaldo) to accelerate, run the rhythm, skill and shoot technology to improve the game design fluency, player response and explosive forces and other elements.

New cross control

The new cross-cutting mechanism allows players to kick a wide range of aggressive arcs, high parabolic passes and quick low pass on the wing, creating more dynamic attack opportunities.

Real player action technology

This new system of action, bringing an unprecedented reaction, and clearly show the personality of the players – now, Christianson Ronaldo (Christian Ronaldo) and other top players every move lifelike true.

Disk big reform

The new ball mechanism allows you to more touch the ball, more quickly turned and play an unprecedented explosive. (Click to buy fUT 18 COINS,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The best combos, charts and strategies for the Clash Royale Touchdown 2c2 challenge [GUIDE]

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The best combos, charts and strategies for the Clash Royale Touchdown 2c2 challenge [GUIDE]
A new update of Clash Royale brings us many new features, such as the disappearance of free coffers, and a new gameplay.
The new Touchdown 2c2 Clash Royale gameplay is causing a rage. This has been introduced along with many changes such as the disappearance of free coffers, the creation of daily challenges and many more things.

Now the questions regarding this new way are raised: How to win the new challenge? Which cards are powerful? What are the best combos? All this we answer you below.


Clash Royale Touchdown
Clash Royale Touchdown (Photo: Internet)
This game mode has a fairly simple goal: to reach any allied unit to the other side of the enemy field. The field is divided into five zones : two annotation zones for both teams, two safe zones and a central zone.

The division of spaces is because there are cards, such as El Barril de Goblins or El Minero , which can be summoned anywhere on the map in a normal game. In this case, these cards are limited to the space before the central of each team.

Something to keep in mind: this challenge is 2c2. This means that you will have a partner who can be your friend if you invite him to the challenge. This is most advisable to be able to arm strategies and coordinate in attacking different flanks of the map.

► Know the new Clash Royale gameplay that could reach the eSports


The Tanks : Lava Hound, El Gólem and El Gigante . These cards will only stop if they find a building in the middle, so they will advance to the enemy line, slowly but withstand any blow.

Rapids : The Montapuercos, El Ariete Battle, The Dark Prince and Prince . In case of the first two, they will run without anything stopping them until they find a structure. The second, they will stop with each terrestrial objective, killing it almost instantly if they are weak and returning to the charge.

The structures : The Canyon, The goblin hut, The barbarian hut, The Bombardier Tower, The Furnace and The Canyon with wheels . These buildings will work with the perfect barriers for your finish line and give your units enough time to get to the other side.

As in classic mode, always try to place some kind of tank up front and a damage rank card behind it. The Golem and The Magician , for example, are a great combination to advance along a line and destroy everything in its path.

One strategy is to use spells, like The Hurricane , to attract the enemy characters that go on one side to your structures: this way you will have more time to eliminate them or to reach the enemy base.

Finally, also remember to balance the cost of your cards well so you can summon last minute things if you need to. There is nothing more frustrating for the enemy that his Knight is distracted by three skeletons of cost one. (Click to buy top up gems clash royale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA Mobile will leave Windows 10 Mobile next November 7

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FIFA Mobile will leave Windows 10 Mobile next November 7
EA Sports announces in the Windows 10 Mobile application that it will withdraw the application, although it will still be possible to use it in Windows 10
In October of last year, EA Sports renewed its walk in smartphones with a new version of FIFA Mobile that included a great number of improvements and modes of game. Interestingly, the application came earlier to Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem than to Google’s operating system , although we found the same features on all platforms.

A few months later, on demand from users, the Canadian company decided to publish the game for users of Windows 10 computers and touch screen, which expanded its target audience to tablets with the Microsoft operating system. Finally, it seems that the run of FIFA Mobile on Windows smartphones will come to an end soon.

Withdrawal notice

The users of the game woke up this morning finding a message in which they were warned of the end of the service, which will arrive on November 7. Thereafter, even if the game remains installed on the phone, it will not be able to load the player profile and, therefore, will not load the game. However, FIFA Mobile players on Windows 10 tablets have not received this service termination notice.

Although EA has not revealed the reasons for the future withdrawal of the video game, everything seems to point to the change of direction of Microsoft with its mobile operating system and its orientation towards a segment of business users. In any case, remember that your profile remains synchronized and that you can keep your players and progress when playing on Windows 10, iOS or Android. (Click to buy fifa mobile points buy, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Clash Royale: Deck Zappy / Giant

Will the last patch be synonymous with the return of the Zappy to the front of the stage? With an increased typing speed , you might well see the legendary map back a bit in the meta. And it feels good ! The map was played very little so far, and it seems Supercell has taken note of it. So today we offer you a list Giant / Zappy , which seems one of the most optimal at the moment.
clash royale gems

Deck Type: Control – Average Cost: 3.6
Arena 8 and above

This list mixes the concepts of the Zap bait and the Giant deck. You have a panoply of small threats on which the opponent will waste his resources, and the possibility of making big pushes based on Giant, supported by a Zappy. Two strategies that seem to be the antipodes of one another, but which in the end marry pretty well here.

Of pushs phenomenal A little “heavy” to put in place
The concept of “Bait” works wonderfully An irregular defense
Deck surprising Not easy to play

How to play this deck?

In attack

As mentioned above, the deck is based on two distinct offensive strategies. In the first place, it is possible to harass the opposing rounds thanks to your cards with 3 elixirs. It is also a good way to test enemy defenses and begin to pinpoint its deck. Then your list is able to build a colossal push with the Giant / Zappy duo.
Fight is a very good way to feel a little enemy defenses, and quickly see the archetype or list played by your opponent. By sending the barrel full of goblins on a defenseless tower, you will mobilize his attention. Your list contains relatively few troops on the ground and you can also use the Defensively, for the blow
Minor is the other standard way to scratch a bit the crowned opponents.
Giant / Zappy is a more control-driven combo, relying on a slow but powerful push. Place your Giant in the background as soon as you have enough timing. Then put your Zappy in support behind him. The Giant will tank opponent threats and your Zappy will fire on them.

In defense

In defense, you will sometimes have to play with fire and the slightest misstep may be fatal to you. In itself, the deck is not lacking in assets, but you will have to mobilize your defensive cards sparingly. Indeed, 3 cards are very weak on your side of the field: the Fut, the minor and the Zappy. The latter is certainly capable of doing big damage to the attackers, but it will not be used to tank attacks for your towers: 6 elixirs it is an investment too large to sacrifice in this way
Giant is a map that attacks only buildings, but it is good to recall here its defensive potential. It is one of the most tanky units of the game and will create the diversion in your side of the field.
Dragon from hell will take over the big enemy units.
Arrows will effectively stop the tides of opposing troops, and if they are well pre-shot, you can counter an enemy’s Tank placed on your towers. It is an equivalent trade in terms of elixir but useful in spite of everything.
Gargoyles and Bats make up the bulk of your air force . Perfect to catch big threats such as the Balloons or the Giant, they are very useful in the meta, full of flying beasts and very often mono-targets.


The knowledge of the opposing game and its cycles are paramount to winning with this deck, since your defense will often hold only one thread. Collect as much information as possible from the beginning of the game with your Drums and Miners, then prepare a decisive assault based on Zappy.
The latter must at most be protected by a Giant or a volley of Arrows.
Finally, remember that your perfect Giant / Zappy Push costs 11 elixirs. This is huge and you may have to accept to drop a tower to create it. It is a sacrifice that may prove necessary in certain situations, as the defense is delicate with this deck. Drop a tower and concentrate your efforts on a push on the opposite side! clash royale gem discount

7.3 enhanced Sa Boss1-8 Sa Tomb advanced Raiders with burning throne sweater guide

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Attribute (rapid breakpoint)
  Recently see a lot of posts to ask the speed to be on the 50.5, rapid 47 or not a strong heap to 50 + and the like, I feel we all entered the so-called breakpoint errors.

  We must first understand that the property is based on their current maximum installed to choose. In the absence of a large number of subordinate properties of the same class before the equipment, this property problem is more complex not only from the “935 rapid crit pants than my 940 rapid proficient pants more than 500 rapid, in order to reach 50.5 rapid so I want to wear this 935 “this angle to discuss.

  Said the easy to understand that is no brain and so on, in the same equipment and then go between the pursuit of merits and demerits, fine study of attributes and slots.

  In their own equipment to allow the case, the rapid 43.47,51 will have a DPS after the upgrade, the same proficient in 63,70 after there will be a period of climbing, rapid proficiency in the end of its income or alternately rising, all in the rapid Proficient will reach the breakpoint will become the first attribute.

  Low and other excellent attributes, in exchange for the lack of agility and other sub-attributes can not be estimated, the allocation problem is always dynamic, need to be based on their actual situation to use SIMC research. Novice post asked to ask when the best property to provide some of their own equipment, information, or it is difficult to make a choice.

  Finally, based on WCL data, many BOSS foreign top of the shaman did not reach these so-called rapid breakpoints, proficient in general higher. Rapid in 13500 or so, of course, this is not to say that heap to the rapid breakpoint is not powerful, but tell you to rationally look at the problem according to the actual situation.

  Jewelry and attributes are closely related to write a lot of cases to discuss, not much to write, the following contents of the group will put WCL 1-3 with the SP.

2. Orange choice (polymer and mother do not change orange chest + gloves?)
  Element ring + orange hand combination can finish the whole of the tomb.

  Now fighting time is getting shorter and shorter, mobs die faster and faster, orange chest in the performance of the polymer has been very poor, do not consider.

  And in the master’s wcl, a lot of clothes + gloves emerged, but opened the first shaman, suddenly found the whole regiment are in line with his play, there are 130W warlock this, not A, looking at him a People play, and finally the orange chest BUFF accounted for up to 70%, so it is easy to understand the advantages of orange chest + gloves in the end where

  We return to the topic, “in reality”, our team has a fire law ah, cuckoo, so that the dark, animal husbandry, SS, orange chest BUFF ratio will be drastically reduced, especially P3 before the two fish are not Let A group, it is necessary to change the position to see this problem. So do not follow the trend, do not match the list of ring gloves, then better

3. talent (wolf jump or wind totem?)
  Landslides, quick, storm, air anger, the combination of the thorns of the earth can not be changed, and now all the WCL is this set.

  But in the second row, the wolf jump and the wind between the totem of the choice or need to pondering about the displacement skills, although not intuitive to change the DPS, but the actual operation or influential.

  1,2, female, polymer, maid, incarnation, egg.

  Haya Tan, the main mad wind totem.

4.M1-8 a few words advanced (we and the first play where the difference?)
(1. Gross)

  Parade! 1 T for mockery, U-turn, BOSS’s head will be repeated how many times, coupled with the name of the circle, if we do not adjust the location, will hit the BOSS’s face, a wind to play the main deputy has more than 100 W So it is important to adjust the position to stay in chrysanthemum.

  There is a name out of the circle of people out of the question, a few days ago in the Chamber to see this, always feel that people are too straight, guild groups, skilled tacit understanding, so many people see a circle in the people Heap will also take the initiative to avoid, walk each other, we continue to play BOSS in harmony, because after all, we will be in this name, this time you let others, next time others will let you, are melee, take two steps did not Problem, this is the guild group’s tacit understanding and advantages of the Department, even if the problem we can exchange, and gradually form a tacit understanding. And the wild group, or those who do not open the blasting of this group, anyway, do not fight the list, do not communicate, who hit you just like killing the father of revenge, honestly wolf out of the crowd dancing, The matter.

  In the name of the crowd will really greatly reduce the DPS, but the exchange, mutual understanding can make you peace of mind in the heap fight.

(2. demon court)

  The tomb of the whole design is to tell you how to use the destruction of lightning, T20 4 sets of design is quite good. No. 2 as a dessert before meals, hands 2 BOSS pull together with the phase is very important, the same attention to parry problems, the destruction of lightning is also melee strange parry.

  I am the old 2 hit 229W, did not rely on access to the inside and outside the field to brush Xiaoguai hurt, in addition to the face of a good high itself, one is a small strange brush position is good, the second is to adjust the face of the angle. Familiar with the skills that the destruction of lightning is a character in front of a fan-shaped area, to pay attention and can not overlap with the mobs, not back toward the mobs, while watching the front of the view is sometimes not in front of people, sometimes you look standing Strange heap in a destruction of lightning, but in fact did not hit the hair. Can not use the text to describe too many details, it is recommended to find a strange pile of Argus feel, close the air anger to see how to hurt the number of jump.

(3. Hayaan)

  dbm, timeline. Head will ask everyone to share the BOSS face of the shock wave, even worse, will not say bad DPS, you have been standing face before the good, simply. The Stare at DBM, usually stamp BOSS chrysanthemum, DBM release shock wave before and then to the head to share.

  Similarly, pay attention to the accumulation of the number of layers of lightning damage, DBM prompted the roar of ten seconds to stop the use of the destruction of lightning, and accumulated to the 15 layer of the destruction of lightning really destroy the world, the same, because the different team situation, if Team AOE too fast, and the lack of group pull, then you can not save the number of layers of lightning damage, in time to ensure that 2 sets of BUFF, to avoid loss of too much.

  AOE goal also have a choice, pale tadpole OR physician + melee fish, if the distance near the destruction of lightning layer high and no pale name, then you can go to A wave of pale tadpoles, if the distance, team AOE Higher, honestly at the foot of the BOSS scattered chaos of the fish more Kaopu, Paolu bring the output loss is too large, do not pay attention to trade-off is easy to pay more harm than good.


  2 kinds of play, marking the designated layer of negative layer grouping negative layer. If T pull is not good, sub-group will cause a large number of DPS loss, so in fact the BOSS we as a boost Sa can not decide a lot, do not go into details. P2 split the same key, and now most of the group are single-month claw phase, if the team appropriate to reduce the DPS, you can just out of February when the paw phase, and then with the paw P3 open SX wave off BOSS , So that there will be a lot of DPS upgrade. Of course, the normal fight, we need to pay attention to the BOSS life insurance, the moon is not necessarily open to the transfer of the world, but the knife, and you also called the name of the knife when the crowd must be open to reduce the injury, or easily sudden death.

(5. Polymer)

  Hit the field, the station to the evil demon movement of the road will reduce the 75% of the damage, pay attention to the brightness of the screen, green is stepped on, DKT + hands to open the outbreak is easy to let the magic died at the foot of the BOSS, the moment Note that the first wave of hands did not play the BOSS data on the basic GG.

  BOSS read 1 minute in the whole group AOE the last 10 seconds, the same attention to destroy the number of layers of lightning, nuisance +15 layer of lightning destroyed A strange mob stage, this rhythm is the best.

(6. Mother)

  Master is the mid-term exam, a comprehensive consideration of the front of the BOSS’s attention, walking, AOE angle and intensity, not more repeat. I have been 2 to eat fish, 35 waves before eating fish must be in YY propaganda so that others help you stepped on Blackwater, the BOSS to rush list, 35% open SX is the beginning. Into the P3 after the first wave of mobs to stay, playing a 0 layer to destroy the lightning, and then save the destruction of the lightning layer to 15, waiting for the head to start to start a 15 layer to destroy the lightning is the most ” Law, eat fish + SX, even enhance the Sa can also be a high damage, so if there is no special arrangements only let you a person AOE, then this is better to play.

(7. maid)

  Maid DPS level mainly to see P2 eat the ball, if the head of the distribution of your eating ball, but also allocated to eat the ball, the ball is also just continuous brush (eat the ball can not touch the BOSS), then the fight More than 170 W on the top of the day, you go to eat a ball there is a great possibility will miss the other side to your BUFF, the basic body of the injury is not more than 5 layers. SO, with the distribution of the team, nothing to say ~ with the RL members exchange, enhance the BOSS be a strong BOSS, although not as good as DH. There are bombs in the name of jumping table, buttocks jump toward the BOSS, bounce back and then wolf jump can greatly shorten the time to stay, the wolf jump will point!

(8. Fallen incarnation)

  Incarnation is also enhanced Sa strong BOSS, of course, the premise is not to wiring can be more free chasing maid playing BOSS, to enhance the ability of Sa lasting smooth class, the BOSS has been chasing A, double line to the last maid can even A 1E5 or so, and dark and animal husbandry almost. Of course, if you want to wire, then reduce the degree of freedom so nothing to talk about the.

  Run chaos skillfully, i will put gif and video. I was assigned to the right side of the venue, then the right line 3 stick, hands basically wore the upper right corner of the corner to run a chaos, in situ painting a circle, quite safe, the same starting SX outbreak does not delay.

  Video as follows, 3 CD before the time recorded ~

>> Click to play video <<   (9. Kil'jaeden) not over, not much to say ~ 5. How does the inside and outside of the game become an excellent enhancement of Sa (how to persuade the head of the use of enhanced talent into this?)   You should be a good shaman and not just an excellent booster.   Big secret is WOW in the king of glory, just into the group, just know a few people, guild channel who do not know, apart from anything else, Cut the elements, jumping cloister Ai Sara's table, pull the lightning chain to pay a few friends, war thieves hunting are usually rare and more strange, artifacts do not say more than they, whatever the outcome and their outbreak flat, praise, blowing each other After blowing the big secret. You may ask how do not have to enhance the Sa and they play a big secret, you are discriminatory to enhance the Sa? First, enhance the ability of Sa continued AOE in the big secret is difficult to reflect, single BOSS war more than others, others may Think "I broke out before the A Xiaoguai, and into the battle did not burst so I have not played this enhancement." "Wow monomer is so high, that there is how, all my high?" This idea. Tell you really, you BOSS war high, they are not uncomfortable, and think about it. Together with a few times, the back may not take the initiative to find you. This is a we are not willing to understand each other, only willing to watch the surface of the game. As little as possible to their weak side barely exposed to others in front, and then use words to refute them, explain to them to listen to. It's stupid.   Mission, it seems that no one told others that this is their own strong BOSS, with them to enhance the Sacha mother and incarnation actually quite advantage, and then through the DPS imperceptible to change everyone's mind on the specialization of the image. Do not blindly cry weak, really, before there are people in the private chat my private network chat, crying we all really do not take this weak chicken play, even if there are a few BOSS playing well, the top few, Every mother to let him out of the bench, to a suit pants for grandfather grandmother. People should not win through the fear of others to get satisfaction in order to get satisfaction, especially as a rare enhancement of this rare and well-known specialties (and before we talk about the cat Germany this special Plus a can not be the same as AOE), do their own point, a little bit to get the respect of strangers is the best.   Similarly, in the name of M1 out of the crowd, for example, the post of the Council is really a long war, see the heart tired. Communication is the most important part of this game. Tell someone you want, you know someone else want, and then try, all happy, even if others do not recognize, your heart will not have been resentment. This game DPS level many times unrelated to the operation.   Want to write there are many, limited space. In short, to become someone else in the mouth of a certain so and so, do not become "that garbage even a big secret can not play to know all day blind BB do not know how weak crying shaman."   Only big secret, for example, in fact far more than only big secret. 6. Finally about my own words   7.0 to now I have been to four guilds, met a lot of people, also experienced a lot of things. Until the tomb began to diligently upload WCL, the understanding of the game is also deepened a lot, learning to play, thinking about this game in the end is something, to later a lot of BOSS hit the first, in fact, this is not a long process. Then what is the difference between you and me, not much in fact, my wind is not necessarily someone else press fast, only thinking and communication in order to let you in this game to a higher level. (Click to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18″ UT mode third week best lineup recommended

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Page 1: Expand “FIFA18” UT mode which players should start the third week, or how lineup with it? Presumably we must be very emotional, today Xiaobian bring “FIFA18” UT mode third week the best team recommended, let us together …

page 1:

“FIFA18” UT mode third week which players worth starting, or how to match the lineup? Presumably we must be very emotional, today Xiaobian bring “FIFA18” UT mode third week the best team recommended, let us look at the official answer given it

“FIFA18” UT mode third week best lineup recommended


GK: Adán-Real Betis Balompié-81> 84

CB: Azpilicueta-Chelsea-85> 86

LB: Ghoulam-Napoli-79 & gt; 82

CB: Hilton-Montpellier HSC-78> 82

CM: David Silva-Manchester City-87> 88

CDM: Pjanić-Juventus-85> 86

LM: Brahimi-FC Porto-82> 84

CF: Messi-FC Barcelona-93> 94

ST: Aubameyang-Borussia Dortmund-88> 89

ST: Morata-Chelsea-84> 86

LW: El Shaarawy-Roma-80> 83


GK: Samassa-ESTAC Troyes-74> 80

RWB: Sundgren-AIK-67> 76

LB: Grainger-Carlisle United-63> 73

CDM: Konrad-Dynamo Dresden-67> 76

LM: Wissa-AC Ajaccio-64> 74

ST: Valencia-La Equidad-67> 76

ST: Mullins-DC United-65> 75


LM: Asad-Atlanta United FC-71> 78

ST: Bigalke-SpVgg Unterhaching-69> 77

ST: Zaza-Valencia CF-80> 83

ST: Vágner Love-Alanyaspor-79> 82

ST: Locadia-PSV-76> 81

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NBA 2K18: what is the Nintendo Switch version worth?

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Technically, we must admit that we were a little worried. Would the Switch be able to display a realistic basketball court, swept with dynamic light effects, bludgeoned by the shoes of a dozen very detailed characters, in the midst of a lively audience? We are the first surprised, but NBA 2K18 is doing admirably well on the support. Blocked at 30 frames per second, the framerate is certainly lower than other consoles but has the merit of never flinching. No slowdown is to be deplored, which makes it possible never to miss a decisive pass or a shot for a reason other than its own capacities of play. Of course, some concessions were made on the effects of light or shadows. Some strangely pixelated effects (for example, a singer singing the American national anthem) paralyze the show a little. Nothing serious however: on television, the show is realistic enough to ensure immersion, and in tablet mode, it is absolutely remarkable precision. Clearly, NBA 2K18 could mark a turning point for the Switch, and encourage other third-party publishers to tailor their most demanding blockbusters to support. On the other hand, all this has a cost: the game will weigh no less than 23 GB on your micro-SD card. This is also a first for the machine … NBA 2K18 could mark a turning point for the Switch, and encourage other third-party publishers to adapt their most demanding blockbusters to support. On the other hand, all this has a cost: the game will weigh no less than 23 GB on your micro-SD card. This is also a first for the machine … NBA 2K18 could mark a turning point for the Switch, and encourage other third-party publishers to adapt their most demanding blockbusters to support. On the other hand, all this has a cost: the game will weigh no less than 23 GB on your micro-SD card. This is also a first for the machine …
In terms of content, NBA 2K18 is always as generous. If the possibility of playing several locally through sharing the Joy-Con is an undeniable plus, the wealth of solo mode already has serious arguments to be made to the fans of basketball. The fast matches are perfectly proportioned: as tradition, the whole team is managed by passing from one player to the other with a single press of a button (in defense) or by passing the ball (in attack). The side view is comparable to that of a FIFA, and offers perfect legibility of action. The game design is worthy of what the series has so far accustomed us: passes (long, fast or rebound) are to be approached in a very tactical way, the marking of the opponents is very subtle,
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Other modes are obviously proposed. On the one hand, there are urban matches that can be played on the variable-sized bitumen (this can range from 1 to 1 on half of the field to 5 against 5 on a full field). An “on fire” option is triggered when a player chains successful actions, as in this good old NBA Jam. But it is of course the career mode that promises the most sensations. It embodies a particular player (whose appearance and aptitudes are defined at the start), and each game is lived exclusively from his point of view. The camera is no longer on the side, but in front tracking, as in a Third Person Shooter. It is therefore necessary to be on the lookout for the least potential catch, make pass calls and arrange to score as often as possible. If you fail repeatedly, your passes will be ignored by your teammates, and you may be replaced for a long time by your coach. Exciting, this mode is a game in its own right, very different from the classic games where we play all the players.

As a bonus, NBA 2K18 includes of course all the licenses of the year, but also all the players, that one can manage from one match to the other at the envi. Interludes allow the game to be brought closer to an American television broadcast, with interviews, comments from experts or former players, or small field events between two shifts. Difficult, frankly, to find more complete. (welcome to NBA 2K18 vc, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


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FIFA 18 marks the return of the license to Nintendo after an absence that dates back to 2014. But it does not without consequences on the quality of the title.

EA has already warned that FIFA 18 on Switch would not have all the features, compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, and that it would not run on the EA engine, the Frostbite Engine. The game is now available, leading a very rich week out for the hybrid console, and we have a clearer idea of ​​what is – and what is not – included in this FIFA 18 Switch.

Here is the list of what you should know:

The Journey and the Frostbite Engine

Before the E3 EA Play event, the FIFA 18 trailer confirmed that The Journey: Hunter Returns , the history mode of the last FIFA, would not be present in the Switch version. Moreover, the game was not going to be created with EA’s Frostbite Engine, which is used in all its games like Star Wars Battlefront , Battlefield , and FIFA 18 on other platforms.

The two problems are related according to EA.

“The Journey turns with Frostbite. When we studied the platform and its unique features, we decided to customize the game, ” explained producer Andrei Lazarescu.

But the Frostbite is not used because EA can not turn it on the Switch, apparently: the developer just wanted a single engine and more suitable for this version, for “a completely different FIFA experience on a platform completely different. ”

Squad Battles and Weekend League

FIFA 18 on Switch offers the Ultimate Team mode, but many recent evolutions of it, such as the Squad Battles and the Weekend League, are not available. Squad Battles offers the player from other platforms to play a series of matches to earn points and move up to the rankings, while Weekend League offers weekend tournaments to win major prizes.

In a more recent interview, Lazarescu had explained:

“If you look at the past of Ultimate Team for the Sony or Microsoft brands – I think it’s 7 years of history if I remember correctly … if you swing it all from the start to a whole new player community, you may not have the desired result. ”

Once again, EA considers the FIFA 18 of the Switch as a game for a totally different audience.
Online game with friends

Want to challenge your friends in a FIFA 18 online game ? Unfortunately, you can not on Switch, according to Eurogamer .

Even though this version allows the online game, there is no matchmaking feature that allows you to use your friends list to find it on the court.

If the Switch has a list of friends, it lacks developed online services, which Nintendo will offer in a paying way in 2018.

Transfers, departure clause, and some formations

FIFA 18 has a career mode on Switch, but here again some changes have been made. Transfer negotiations, as well as departure clauses, are not available in the Switch version.

And according to Kotaku UK , some formations of players have been withdrawn from the game.

If EA has already given explanations for the removal of whole modes, none has been provided for these small punctations of existing content.

Less details

As Kotaku noticed: the general level of detail in the environment has been reduced compared to other versions. This does not affect the gameplay, but the songs of the fans or the lighting are less complex.

And in the end it looks like a match on Switch

To have a global vision of the visual differences, nothing is worth a video, here is our:

But do not worry, according to Lazarus: “We will see more FIFA on switch in the future. ”

In the end, what does FIFA 18 offer?

As explained above, FIFA 18 offers Ultimate Team, career mode, online game and local multiplayer, kickoff and Local Seasons.

Ultimate Team includes Icons, which allows players to embody legends of soccer in the Stories mode.

FIFA 18 on Switch also allows you to play with separate Joy-Con, for 1vs1 matches on one console without additional controllers. (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18: Reddit users blame Denuvo for lack of Steam Controller support

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On Reddit, a user is trying to blame Denuvo for not being able to play FIFA 18 with his Steam Controller. With the robbery, however, this is not a problem. Shortly thereafter, the Reddit community responded – and takes Denuvo under protection. The original author had only tested the copy-protected demo version.

Since 29 September, FIFA 18 has been available on all platforms where the reactions are mixed : Significant differences with the predecessor are apparently missing this year, which irritates some players and disrupts others less. Many user reviews also complain about a non-intact defense, which often appears to be scripted.

A Reddit user also tried to complain away from the playing field: He could not play the partout with Denuvo copy-protected version with his Steam Controller , despite all the tests recommended for non-Steam games. Then he had downloaded a pirated version – which was available in the shortest possible time – and could have used his Steam Controller without problems. He gives Denuvo the blame.

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That this argumentation is something wrong, you notice at the latest that other Denuvo games (for example Doom ) were completely inconspicuous. This is why the Reddit community makes clear . While some still suspect the reason for the incompatibility of the Origin Overlay, another noted that the author behind the original contribution had only the copy-protected demo, so he then compared the complete game. At the same time , other users confirm that their Steam Controller also works with the DRM-protected version of FIFA 18.

A significant indication that FIFA 18 and the Steam Controller do not work with each other, is not there. In particular, it is unclear why Denuvo was responsible for the incompatibility with the author. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)