WoW: Is Antorus getting a fight against Sargeras in Mythic?

New details on the last boss of World of Warcraft: Legion make hope. Does Sargeras fight directly against heroes?

Currently, Patch 7.3.2 is being tested on the World of Warcraft test server. Above all, we are talking about last votes for the raid boss in Antorus, the Burning Throne.

Especially the last boss fight against Argus, the titans of the planet of the same name, but will be interesting. For, as it appears, the battle will be different in different difficulty levels, and may even provide a fight against Sargeras, the leader of the Burning Legion.

WoW Sargeras ArtworkThe first two phases are probably the same for all degrees of difficulty – obviously at LFR level much easier than on normal, heroic or mythical. Players fight Argus and weaken him slowly, getting help from the other Titans.

But afterwards (Phase 3), the description in the Dungeon Journal changes according to the difficulty. Aman’thul tries to subdue Argus, which also succeeds in the “low” degrees of difficulty – but not in mythical terms. Here is the addition “… or so it seems.”

Phase 4 is also described only for LFR, Normal and Heroic, which suggests that the fight will be a different story.

Is Sargeras in person?

Players suspect that Sargeras himself appears only in mythical difficulty. It might well be that the dark Titan will take the body of Argus and the players will have to fight Sargeras in the last phase (albeit in a weakened form) before the fight (presumably) ends with his imprisonment by Illidan.

This is fed by new spells found in the game files. Proverbs like “Sargeras ‘Fear” , “Sargeras’ Wrath” and “Judgment of the Sargeras” suggest that the Master of the Burning Legion has its own appearance.

Exact details on the possible final phase of the struggle, which exist only in mythical difficulty, are still veiled. This was also the case in the past, for example, in the fight against Gul’dan in the night fortress. Only when the profigiles reached this boss, the corresponding entries in the adventure guide were added afterwards.WoW Silithus Scar Map

What Sargeras is likely to do has been read by the Dataminians as well: A great wound will slacken in Silithus.

Do you hope for a direct fight against Sargeras, even if it is only in mythical mode? Or should the Dark Titan be unobtrusive for the player because he is too powerful?

FIFA 18: Unlocking the PSN, Xbox Store and Origin Release (Update)

The FIFA 18 release is on: The new soccer simulation will be released on September 29th. If you buy the digital standard edition in the PSN, Xbox Games Store or on Origin, you can start on time at midnight – the release is at 24 hrs on PS4, Xbox One and PC. By preload, you download the files needed to play FIFA 18 beforehand. With the disc version can be played earlier: With some dealers can be bought already FIFA 18 already. The more expensive Ronaldo and Icon editions have already been released since 26 September – here can be played already.

Update : FIFA 18 ( Amazon iconnow for 59.99 € buy ) was not released by Origin on time at midnight – unlike before on the product page specified in the EA-Store. On Reddit and in the EA forums are now found numerous user contributions on this topic. Players complain about a missing download button or the error message that the game is not yet available. A solution of EA does not yet exist. As soon as we reach further information on the start time of FIFA 18 on PC, we update this article. On PS4 and Xbox One, football simulation has been available since midnight.

Original message : The season of FIFA 18 begins for many players on September 29, then the release of the standard edition. If you buy the version in the PSN, Xbox Games Store or Origin, you can start at midnight on time – the release is at 24 hours. A disc version does not have to wait until the countdown has finished. If you buy the physical version (PS4 or Xbox), you can play directly. The fact that FIFA 18 can already be bought shows players’ entries on Twitter and Reddit – the first traders seem to be spending football simulation before the official release.

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Buy FIFA 18 and play before the release – with the icon and Ronaldo editions is also possible. The two special editions were released on 26 September. However, the two editions are not exactly cheap – they are available from 79.99 euros (Ronaldo) and from 89.99 euros (icon) in the PSN, Xbox Games Store and Origin. In addition to a pre-release on FIFA 18, the versions also include various in-game content for the popular Ultimate Team mode. An overview of the FIFA 18 editions can be found in the linked article.

Advertising : FIFA 18 at Amazon

Before you buy, we also encourage you to take a look at our FIFA 18 test . In it you can see how well the new football simulation of Electronic Arts has become. We especially praise a greatly improved playing feeling, a clever defensive and varied Torraumzenen. Point deductions are available for the forward movement, partly taciturn acting teammates and balancing problems. The latter is likely to patch EA with one or the other FIFA 18 update .

Anyone who wants to play FIFA 18 before buying will be given the opportunity to do so. The free demo is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One as download. In the test version, your first friendships with twelve teams in the kick-off mode try out – the teams include Real Madrid and FC Bayern München. In the demo she also joins the second season of The Journey. Members of EA Access (from 3,99 Euro) try the full version including all functions before release. However, the playing time is limited to ten hours.

7.3 Master professional hall: followers and equipment ideas are still fast flow

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This article comes from NGACN, author: snake89sl; original address: [view original] please indicate the source!

  7.3 After the opening of the new professional hall mission, the new Argus forces, the arrival of new entourage equipment, so that some of the old ideas of the 7.2 period are no longer applicable.

  In the 7.3 followers before the formation of equipment, talk about some of their own ideas.

  The reason why 7.2 old ideas are no longer fully applicable, because 7.3 for the professional hall mission has brought some very important changes.

  1, Agus 3 new forces to join (respectively, in the Antalan waste spacecraft to find Turalyon exchange “light shield shield Wei”, in the ruins of Ma Kailei Aurora below the cave (hole coordinates 42.63 ) “Keluku mountain hunter”, three kinds of new troops price 150 professional hall resources /, The upper limit of the hall 2, the upper limit of the package 5.) 3 new forces were fixed with the minions, harm, spell + 75% success rate skills (Note: only plus success rate, can not cope) and common skills “Agus Veterans” + 65% success rate;

  2, the professional hall of the task of the new response affection: Agus elite, need to use the first point mentioned above, “Agus Veterans” to deal with, and such tasks in most cases only two places (a few places );

  3, the professional hall to refresh the task speed (probably 6 hours?) We are more concerned about the number of gambling debris and energy tasks much more than the previous version;

  4, followers and other upper limit from 900 to 950;

  5, the new follower equipment to roll the situation of the old equipment to fully upgrade (7.3 worst green equipment is still better than 7.2 top purple equipment), here on the theft of 14T gangster post in the screenshot of friends.

  Unconditional + success rate:

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  Less than 8 hours plus success rate:

  More than 8 hours plus success rate:

  Hazard Plus Power:

  Have minions plus success rate:

  There is a spell plus success rate:

  Shorten mission duration:

  New orange equipment:

  Then according to these important changes, thinking on the new ideas have some key impact.

  1, ordinary such as water elements, Ken Ruituo summoners and other old forces, the basic loss of playing opportunities were eliminated. After all the basic 30% + spell response 15% + followers affinity 15% also only 60%, far less than the Aguas 3 response + 75% to the straightforward. And the new entourage of equipment and no new troops pro-equipment, but also from the side declared the designer for them have given up. At the same time large and small soldiers and followers status greatly reduced;

  2, the new professional hall to speed up the task to refresh and lucrative incentives, will enable anyone can not just as a good luck currency and equipment, the source of the box, in each round of 6 hours refresh time efficiency of 200% All the proceeds of the reward are high;

  3, the new attendant equipment success rate of unity to 8 hours for the distinction between the boundaries, to avoid the previous 4-8 hours of embarrassing section. While the success rate of a substantial increase to a maximum increase of 50%, shorten the time to shorten the maximum 30%, 8 hours this cut-off point to become the key;

  4, the new follower equipment added to the minions, hazards, spells 3 kinds of success rate bonus, the same up to 50%, skills to deal with more important. (But for the first four points that is now cynical, the same 50% of the maximum addition, no brain 8 hours below the need for other equipment)

  Comprehensive the above changes and analysis, it is easy to see the idea of ​​7.3 – still fast flow!

  Compared to the previous 4 hours limit, 7.3 within 8 hours for the Master comes with -20% of the professional skills is simply not too easy, the equipment standard is:

  Light Light Act -30% Duration + Awake Bag -25% Duration + Holy Light Sanctuary Weapon 8 Hours + 50% Success Rate

  So that when 3/2/1 followers play, you can 69/36/19 hours of the task is reduced to 8 hours, and provide at least 150/100/50% of the equipment success rate bonus, with the new forces of the new army 140 % / 75% correct response bonus, plus follow their own 50% / 10% correct / incorrect talent to deal with, this configuration can be 200% take all the tasks at this stage.

  Ps: For orange equipment is not clear whether only the above, if it is so the best orange should be two less than 8 hours + 40% plus magic, minions should be + 40% of the final addition of up to 80% And then unconditional + 25% plus harm, spells corresponding to + 40% of the orange installed, enhanced version of the small teeth is also good. As for the two outside do not meet the fast break flow play.

  200% is not a problem, the only requirement is the skills to deal with.

  After all, the success rate of high and then lost to a curse 100% cap, minus the length of time and then a short time to slow down the time is always unhappy, before the most neglected fatal because of the large consumption of Argus new forces and feel hurt 50w resources I still so stingy) So, followers is still the key.

  In the 7.2 times the double ice fire + double flash against the snow + meatballs principle:

  1, meatballs: Although it is Azeroth Aboriginal and in front of the Argus elite counseling, but in front of the general leader of the task is still V587: unreasonable leader response 75% + minions 15%, plus strange energy ball 20% props bonus, body position to deal with a skill it does not, it can still be in the followers ranked No. 1;

  2, the big man Waggs, Marell evil wind: tell the truth in the old forces have been eliminated today, Marella evil wind can rely on hand bread training Ken Ruituo guards and Argus veterans support the facade , Master Waggs really is to rely on the blizzard can kill the minions standing here. Only two storms of the candidates, do not move;

  3, Ravenderville, Azshara fire law duo group, Raven is the last version of the main response to the harm of the thugs also bring + 15% minions do not have to say, Azshara only a blanket -20% I will be willing to bring the unconditional time to mention even more critical spells to deal with;

  4, Arcane Destroyer, Goblin vs Mo de La, Carrie these two groups are more tangled, the individual is more inclined to Arcane Destroyer + Goblin, after all, lucky rabbit feet is a ball of energy outside the ball and a bug-like items, And Cale’s double corresponding addition is difficult, but wins in the controllable higher. The other two followers really is not worth mentioning …

  5, wins the Japanese, Morrow unsuccessful reason is very simple, no response to skills and can not be like a bomb with a very high addition. Morrows last version there is no chance to enter the final Moreover, the difficulty of starting this version of the Japanese still can not be enabled for the reason is still burning 40% of the addition is too low there are side effects, the other two fire too good.

  Of course, this combination of equipment in the save during the period will not be too good, because the current look at the epic loaded production is not high, double reduction when the props are more difficult to cobble together, but the blue production is more adequate, so discretionary first use but minus the length of +8 Hours to increase the success rate + frequent replacement response to increase the success rate of the props to transition. 3 play opportunities on the two followers +1 Agus veterans should be the normal way of the future appearance. Also do not know whether Blizzard will open in the late such as broken islands command center difficult task, so the skills to deal with + 50% of the props to stay or to stay good! (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NFL Games Seem Ugly Because Defenses Have Gotten Good

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NFL Games Seem Ugly Because Defenses Have Gotten Good

Two weeks into the NFL season, the diversion’s general feel are under flame. Scoring is down, sacks are up, and Brian Hoyer is still beneficially utilized as a beginning quarterback. Offenses, we’re being told, are in emergency. In any case, are things truly that awful?

Fault is being doled out to everything from diminishments by and by time to the maturing of a portion of the amusement’s better quarterbacks to the disintegration of hostile line play to programs made out of less expensive, more youthful players on account of the descending weights of the new kid on the block wage scale. In any case, there is another noteworthy guilty party, and it’s one that is regularly said in passing, expecting it’s even specified by any stretch of the imagination: Defenses have become better, and the NFL may at the present time be experiencing one of its occasional cycles in which barriers end up noticeably overwhelming.

Scoring through the season’s initial two weeks is down 2.4 focuses, or around 11 percent, contrasted with a year ago. Per ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, the group’s per-group normal of 20.3 focuses is additionally well beneath the 22.3 focuses groups were scoring in Weeks 1 and 2 in the vicinity of 2010 and 2017. However, scoring in the NFL had been inclining upward as of late; as Barnwell likewise brought up, the scoring rate is the most noteworthy for any decade since the 1970 merger by more than a full point. We’re seeing an absence of offense since we’ve become usual to seeing so much offense, however the marvel of hostile strength is a current one.

The NFL has in this decade advanced into a passing group. The tenets now stress punishing most contact against beneficiaries past five yards, which has made it for all intents and purposes outlandish for pass safeguards to carry out their employments. As resistances have turned out to be greater and quicker, offenses have countered by depending increasingly on making space by utilizing developments with additional pass catchers. In 2011, per Football Outsiders, offenses utilized “11” staff, or three-collector sets with one running back and one tight end, on 40.4 percent of their plays. That number has been consistently climbing each year since, and last season it achieved 60 percent. Moreover, it’s normal for running backs or tight finishes to play in the opening or to be situated wide to make befuddles. Quarterbacks are favoring shotgun sets with considerably more noteworthy recurrence: In 2010, as per Pro Football Reference, shotgun arrangements were utilized on 37.3 percent of all hostile plays. By last season, in any case, the pattern had turned around totally, with quarterbacks working out of the shotgun on 63.3 percent of all snaps. (Click to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

As Kevin Clark of The Ringer noted a month ago, generally 50% of the NFL’s beginning quarterbacks are no less than 30 years of age. With an end goal to protect those maturing quarterbacks and to expand their vocations, offenses have progressively depended on shorter, faster tosses out of those numerous recipient, shotgun arrangements. Therefore, 11 of the 15 most elevated finish rates posted by QBs who endeavored no less than 200 goes in a season have come in this decade alone.

There’s likewise the issue of training time. The aggregate bartering assention commands less on-field rehearse time amid the offseason than previously. Groups are restricted to 10 non-contact, non-cushioned sorted out group exercises hones in the spring, trailed by three days of non-contact, non-cushioned minicamp rehearses in June. For quite a long time, mentors have been vocal about the amount they despise these limitations, and their grievances have reemerged now that focuses are getting harder to stop by.

Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated put the onus for this on the players’ union, which looked for these work environment controls and got them when the CBA was approved in 2011. Klemko’s investigation has justify, yet it omits the proprietors’ complicity in consenting to these conditions—and to the conspicuous upgrades in player wellbeing that have come about. Constraining the savagery in a fierce diversion has thump on impacts, obviously.

To state play is more regrettable, and that an absence of training time is the reason, gives short shrift to what’s occurring with safeguards. To counter every one of those additional leave catchers lining behind all finished hostile developments, safeguards have progressively been utilizing nickel bundles, which (as the name recommends) incorporate five guarded backs. In 2011, as indicated by Football Outsiders, nickel barriers were on the field on 40 percent of all plays. By a year ago, that number was 57 percent—and a six percent bounce from simply the prior year. For some groups, nickel has basically turned into a base bundle.

(Photograph: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The advancement of offenses has in like manner generated a staff slant on resistances, which are inclining all the more intensely on littler, faster linebacker/security crossovers equipped for playing in space. Is Tyrann Mathieu a wellbeing or a space corner? Are Mark Barron and Deone Bucannon (envisioned) safeguards or inside linebackers? Luke Kuechly and Ryan Shazier are inside linebackers, however they’re equipped for staying wide collectors when important. A couple of stories about this positionless development on safeguard were skipping around as of now a year ago. Is it so ridiculous to accept these progressions have had their impacts on offenses?

Comparative changes are going on in the trenches. A pattern toward shorter, snappier tosses out of the shotgun has put a premium on protectors who can get to the quarterback quicker. What’s changed is that that weight is progressively originating from inside guarded linemen, instead of linebackers and closures off the edge.

With uncommon Hall-of-Fame-bore special cases, three-method guarded linemen used to be in charge of just stuffing the run or involving blockers so the linebackers behind them could make plays. Nowadays, the class is loaded with three-systems (D-linemen who line up simply outside the hostile watch), who are talented and sufficiently deft to surge the passer.

To represent the marvel, The Ringer’s Danny Kelly as of late went through a rundown of overwhelming inside D-linemen—Aaron Donald, Gerald McCoy, J.J. Watt, Ndamukong Suh, Michael Bennett, Fletcher Cox, Mike Daniels, to name only some of those Kelly said—before recognizing he needed to stop. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA Analysis 18

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FIFA 18 will arrive in a few days to the shops and it will do to try to satisfy the great crowd of fans of the saga that, year after year, put their trust in the franchise to enjoy the virtual soccer during a good handful of months. It is increasingly difficult to find innovation in new titles, both graphic and playable, but EA Sports again presents several new features in all aspects of the game to try to keep a constant evolution that pleased the users .

It seems clear that the change of player front and main platform are not the only changes that the company has introduced. After thoroughly testing the new FIFA 18, we tell you if the news included by the company are enough to keep you in the title fight for the best football simulator of the season.

Similar gameplay, but with nuances

FIFA 18 maintains the essence of the latest edition , with a fairly conservative title but adds some interesting details that we will notice the first contact with the ball. EA Sports already worked on the previous installment to bring the game to the maximum simulation of real soccer, introducing changes and improvements in the physics of the ball and the performances of the defenses.

When the ball begins to roll, we already have the feeling that something has changed. The physics of the ball is something more achieved and allows it to roll in a much more fluid, inviting to play a game much more touch than in previous editions . In this sense, the reactions and movements of the players to touch the ball have also improved considerably, making it much easier to make short combinations and walls. The descent of the rhythm of the party is evident and this generates a sense of realism somewhat higher than in the previous delivery .

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The regatta system has undergone some changes, although there is one that stands out above the rest and that we will notice in the first plays of party. The typical cut that we used to do with the triggers will no longer exist as such, and now the players will make a kind of protection protecting the ball with a kind of kick or stroke that at the beginning will cost us more than a loss of the ball. However, when we get used to them we will be able to use them to get rid of rivals by deceiving them in a different way than we have been doing so far.

The centers also have undergone some modifications, changing the controls to realize them. Now we will make lower centers by pressing the assigned button twice, and we can make other spoons, shallow or high using the triggers. In this way we will have new ways to hang the ball to the area and that our forwards shoot forward in front of the defenders or looking for the second pole.

An interesting new feature presented in FIFA 18 is the possibility of making quick substitutions without having to pause the game . At certain times when the game is stopped, an indicator will appear in the lower corner of the screen, and if we press the indicated button the machine will suggest a change to be made depending on the result or performance of the players, and we can accept the substitution or ignore it in case of no interest. From the team direction we can customize these quick substitutions , indicating the default changes we want during the game, as Lucas Vázquez enters the place of Gareth Bale , for example.

On the contrary, some physicists continue to present problems that cloud playability at times. Neither has there been much improvement in the decisions of the goalkeepers, who continue to alternate great performances with incomprehensible failures. The referees continue making incomprehensible decisions, with penalties and absurd expulsions that ruin parties.

The stadiums come to life

Graphically it gives the feeling that the graphic engine Frostbite is already fully settled in this FIFA 18 and allows to reach a level of detail never seen in the saga . The faces of the players in short shots are spectacular, with a recreation of the big stars that is hardly surpassable in the current generation of consoles. Cristiano Ronaldo , the cover of the game, is the maximum exponent in this sense and you can perfectly appreciate the sweat or even the pores of the skin in the nearby images. The celebrations of the goals and the movements of the players are also well represented thanks to the technology of movements that allows to represent the typical actions of each player.

In this edition, the company has also focused on improving the atmosphere of the stadiums , with high resolution hobbies in 3D that will allow us to see real songs, individual reactions of the fans or celebrations of goal of our players with the stand. Some stadium-specific banners , lighting improvements or kinematic atmospheres will make us enjoy each of the licensed stadiums in the game. (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 is an innovative AAA Pay-to-Win game

This makes several opus that 2K pushes the micro-transactions more and more away. Only this time they exceeded the limits with NBA 2K18. In fact, community ratings are generally not above average.
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Everything could have gone very well for NBA 2K18, but its output is spoiled by big problems of backups and by micro transactions far too present . Usually these micro-transactions are not an important factor in the evaluation of a game. There are always a few in recent years, in any game. This system is particularly present in the Free-To-Play . Only, for NBA 2K18, the concept was pushed way too far . As if 2K had forgotten that we were already buying his game a first time. To such an extent that the average scores on Steam do not exceed 5. The same is true of the communities of the specialized press like IGN or JVC.NBA 2K18 is completely flashed by the lure of the winning of its creators . According to Reddit , they have set up a Pay-To-Win in an AAA game that already costs a single blind.

NBA 2K18 micro-transactions

The worst is your player’s statistics.
NBA 2K18 provides you with 6000 pieces when you launch the game for the first time. Only these coins are not tied to your player, but to your account. If you want to retrieve content elsewhere (on another mode for example), you will lose pieces that could be used to improve your player. This was already the case in NBA 2K17, only that is much more problematic in NBA 2K18 . Indeed, increasing your stats will require many, many, many more pieces than in other opus. Your 6000 pieces will be founded in thirty seconds when you start your game, only the general rating of your player will increase from 60 to … 62. (welcome to NBA 2K18 MT Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The criticism that is most common in the commune: ” There is nothing interesting as content without putting a hand in the pocket “.
You will need about 240 NBA games to switch to 86 and provided you get A + at all games. With the C score about 360 games and B about 300.

You can not preview the haircuts

Haircuts cost money while they were free in previous games

Filters will reset in the My Team Auction House to prevent players from locating items and forcing them to purchase VCs.

No bonus depending on the level of difficulty in MaCarrière.

The Pro difficulty is completely overdriven and some players (including me) can not even get the slightest layup or shoot to save the bet, 2K absolutely wants to force players to buy their VCs to improve player and to prevent farming.

Your general note can not be previewed when you upgrade a skill. So impossible to have if what you improve will allow you to advance the note.

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Test | NBA 2K18 – PS4 – A tough career

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One afternoon with NBA 2K18 on PS4
N ul can not question the many qualities of NBA 2K . The game is so good that I have been taped since the 2016 edition, which has revived my interest in professional basketball. The series developed by Visual Concepts is neither more nor less the ultimate reference of the video game of basketball, even sports. Unless you do not like basketball, passing by is a sacrilege. Now that my overall point of view on this franchise is clear to everyone, I can honestly say: NBA 2k18 got me a little disappointed … No, rest assured, the game is far from bad . But comes a stage where the publisher must be faced with its responsibilities towards consumers. And that’s the rub.

NBA 2K18
Thomas in red and gold … no, I still see it not

There are these heads!
C ike every year, players can count on a few minor graphical improvements. Better colors, fluid animations but also a bit heavier (for more realism?), NBA 2K18 transpires authenticity , pushing the limits of its elders. And to offset the drop in pace caused by animations, players can always increase the speed of play in the settings. The result: the feeling of watching a real NBA match on his screen … (ask a non-player / se to watch and see his reaction).

The physics of the ball seems also more complex than ever, while the facial modelings enjoy a very interesting relief. Skin colors gain in nuances, although some faces seem to be modeling clay. Suffice to see the head of Tyronn Lue, puffy and grotesque. Fortunately, it is more the exception than the rule, the majority of the characters offering a more credible rendering. I am thinking in particular of Ernie Johnson, who finally enjoys traits corresponding to reality. (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18
But what did you do in Tyronn Lue ?!

Should you spit, you have to pay
With an annual license, we always take the risk of modifying elements that work. If the NBA 2K17 gauge was an improvement over 2K16 , I am less convinced by that of NBA 2K18 . The game keeps the gauge to fill completely but now places it next to the player’s head. Maybe this is due to my many hours spent on the previous strands but this a fortiori unnecessary change proves to be disruptive. More embarrassing, the gauge seems to fill up more heavily and with a latency time , which can quickly become frustrating during the first 5 to 10 of game. Because I warn you right away:will have to work hard and long to become good in the mode My Career to NBA 2K18 .

This is clearly the most frustrating aspect of the game, one feels the net and aggressive willingness of the publisher to incite the player to buy the game currency . The learning curve has exploded and the satisfaction of playing well is only possible after – at least – half a season (that’s 40 games, all the same!). Worse, you earn points in training or badges at an awfully slow pace. So, it feels like playing a free-to-play where paying becomes almost indispensable to have fun fairly quickly with his own character. For the first time in my life, I gave in to the micro-transactions (well, it’s because I had a few euros left in my PSN account) to see if it helped and I confirm it! But for a game that already costs 60 baseballs, the finding is bitter.

NBA 2K18
My character has class … but he plays like a foot … when he plays

The stats, it’s useless
In the register of false good ideas, one also finds a feedback during the shots . When you shoot, the game answers these two questions: are you sufficiently demarcated and the timing is good? For the marking, nothing wrong. On the contrary, it makes it possible to better gauge the negotiable fire, where it was felt that the penalty “forced shooting” was unjustified before. Here, the limits imposed by the game are detected rather quickly. On the other hand, the indication of “good”, “too early” or “too late” is more frustrating than anything else. His time, with a little mastery, is in fact aligned the shots deemed “good”. However, we can miss three in a row and then make a shot “too late”. It’s frustrating because we do not know on what criteria a shot enters or not.

I have listed a series of defects but I reassure you, they mainly concern the mode My Career. Moreover, they do not take away very much to the pleasure of play that provides NBA 2K18 . The fans will plunge back with great pleasure, especially since it has enriched itself. In addition to the classic modes, the ability to play All – Time teams (which includes the best players of each team, with some exceptions for questions of law) is a real plus for the prosecutors. Finally, as every year, I refer you to other tests to thoroughly dissect the modes of NBA 2K18 , my test mainly interested in My Career .

NBA 2K18
… because at the beginning, the games look like this!

NBA 2K18 – Ballz in the hood
On the other hand, let’s talk a little more, this mode My Career. I was wondering what we had concocted Visual Concepts this year and I was intrigued by the neighborhood (Run the Neighborhood), this kind of hub where you wander freely between games. You can train physically at the Gatorade Training Center (ah, the aggressive pub of the series is there!) Or drink (but it costs, fatally) to regain energy. The training of the team awaits you too. You can go home and play NBA 2K18 with your character (NBAception, too strong!). If your hair grows, the barber is never far away. And if you get bored, the concrete grounds of the neighborhood are waiting for you … After all, this is where DJ, the new protagonist of the game, has been noticed by NBA recruiters.

NBA 2K18
There is actually my character who plays NBA 2K18 … #NBAception
Despite its ugly pay-to-win side, NBA 2K18 features an extremely comprehensive Career Mode . The interface has also been reviewed and unlike the previous episode, the changes are palpable. Some notable problems, however, starting with the fuckingly long loading times . Between cinematic transitions, entering certain buildings, before / after the matches. It’s in-sup-por-table ! As if that was not enough, the developers added many cutscenes to strengthen the immersion. So, we wait up to 10 minutes to play a game that lasts 3 for the player since his character is ultra-zero at first … But once passed a certain heading is that of happiness. Especially sinceNBA 2K18 predicts a progression up to level 99 of the player , what you occupy very very long time.

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Andrews Burning Throne BOSS enhanced shaman hair experience

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In general, the following principles are followed:
1. T21 effect under the proficient income is not low, rapid has been to enhance the shaman income stability of the property, so all the equipment to quickly proficient for the first priority.
2. In accordance with the T19, T20 practice, set 6 should be four kinds of properties of the two combinations, but the current PTR in the suit cloak and hands are crit rapids. So do not rule out the T21 copy on the line before making changes.
3. jewelry section, please refer to jewelry posts , this article will not repeat them.
4. All the data are falling for the heroic difficulty (945, Agus 955).
5. Overall, the post will be updated in the next day, now mainly to see a desired value, all on the board on the line prevail.
Set parts

A copy of the head of the graduation attribute in the tail of the king of longevity Agus, and equipment and other than the other boss 10 high. If you can hit, Mao one is better.
Of course, the suit is given priority at all times. Set falls in Aglama, also slightly skewed.

Shoulder set properties are still relatively slightly embarrassing, but still have priority access.
While the lonely guy Argus also fall graduation attribute +10 equipment and other shoulders, conditional people do not forget to take. In general, the A sauce is a variety of out of the rapid proficiency, to enhance the shaman is very friendly Boss (and since the night fortress, the only group of the rapid knowledge of the necklace is falling in the Argus!), The ability of friends must Want to play a sauce ah. (Click to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


Antoine commander is a random one area of ​​the last boss, is full of a [/ td], fighting a long battle. I am idle in the PTR no tour, playing a few random, feeling a bit like a mother. In any case, the difficulty is not too high, and random 1 area is the first open area.
Therefore, the graduation attribute of the suit cloak do not forget Mao one.

The chest is what I mentioned in the previous article, the property appears to repeat the suit. Chest or hands should have a change to all-round rapid (do not rule out the whole to change the …).
Although the boss dropped quickly proficient in the chest, but the Mariwasas boss itself behind the progress and this is the package after all, so we can consider, as appropriate.

May modify one of the properties of the equipment. Regardless of the properties of the suit hand, a copy of the graduation attribute of the bulk of the hand can be obtained in the boss No. 1, is a more friendly thing. Overall, the expansion of the graduation part of the Sa is no longer like the altar can be completely concentrated in the first few boss (in fact, most of the back … …), which also means that the difficulty of bilateral spare parts more than the last Big, so we have to cheer boss ~

I feel we are almost accustomed to suit the legs become a property of the worst part of the. This is still the case, the relative replacement of the leg in the second half of the witch will fall in the boss, so it is not particularly good to get. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

WoW: And cut! These features fell victim to scissors in Wrath of the Lich King

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Over the years, Blizzard has repeatedly announced features for World of Warcraft and the individual extensions, which either never or completely differently found the way to the final game – the most important features that fell victim to the Lich King of the scissors we introduce you in this part of the series.

With Wrath of the Lich King, World of Warcraft is a time when the developers often and often announce features and content, even generously anteasern, which then but only in a strongly changed form or at all not find the way to the finished game. Probably the most famous example of this is the so-called dance studio, which should actually be playable with the second WoW add-on, but is still waiting today. But also a number of other, great features never saw the daylight of the Liveserver.

The subterranean kingdom of the Nerubians, presented in Wrath of the Lich King in the form of two five-man dungeons, was originally planned as a complete quest zone, which is located below the north. This zone was supposed to explain the story and the Lore background of the Nerubians, including rival factions and their relationship to the Lich King, to a much greater extent than we actually saw in the finished game about the corresponding dungeons and pre-quests. In particular, Anub’arak, who had played an important role in Warcraft III, was also likely to be much more prominent in Wrath of the Lich King than it actually was.

Instead, Blizzard has limited himself to seeing the single factions of the Aqir-derived insect peoples who were each
in a complete quest zone to see the Nerubian Kingdom of Azjol Nerub in Wrath of the Lich King as a five-man dungeon ,
Source: Blizzard of
the ancient gods, always present in individual quest zones on Azeroth as opponents or purpose ally – for example, in Silithus and Uldum, the Dragonblight or later on Pandaria.
Instead, in a complete quest zone, we only saw the Nerubian Kingdom of Azjol Nerub in Wrath of the Lich King as a five-man dungeon.

That’s why Blizzard has once again discarded this feature: Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street even once said that the deletion of Azjol-Nerub as a quest zone is the one feature of which he is particularly sad in World of Warcraft. The fact that Blizzard developers were not quite happy with the fact that they had to remove Azjol-Nerub is also shown by the fact that they later brought Anub’arak back as a raid boss. The reason why Blizzard decided to bring Azjol-Nerub into the game only in the form of the two five-man dungeons is not clear. Most likely, the developers simply missed the time to complete a complete, additional zone below Northrend with quests and to explain the complex history of the Nerubians satisfactorily.

The dance studio
The dance studio is probably by far the most famous example of a feature that the developers of WoW once announced once, but then never implemented in the game – quasi the “Hali Life 3” of Azeroth. Blizzard announced the dance studio already in the first trailer of Wrath of the Lich King on Blizzcon: It should offer players the possibility to customize their dance moves and create their own dances.

That’s why Blizzard has discarded this feature: Even though the fans have always turned to Blizzard over the years, the dance studio will probably never appear on the Liveservern. The reason why Blizzard put the development of the dance studio on hold is due to the effort that would flow into this feature. Blizzard would have to create tons of new animations for every WoW race and both sexes, which would draw lots of resources from other content. And they are much better off in new dungeons, quests and areas.

The crystal forest
Similar to Azjol-Nerub, the crystal-growth forest should actually have much more scope than was actually the case in the finished game. In the finished game, the crystal forest was only a cover of what it should actually be.
Performance problems gave the rest the rest.
In the finished game, the crystal forest was only a cover of what it should actually be. Performance problems gave the rest of the zone.
For example, the Argent Tournament should take place in the crystal forest and not in Icecrown. While the zone on the Liveservern, apart from the pretty optics, the two rival factions of the sunheads (Blutelfen) and the windmill (Hochelfen) as well as the neutral capital Dalaran had not much to offer, originally also for this zone comprehensive queststränge were planned. The fight between the two elf factions around the abandoned ruins of the crystal-growing forest should also be more extensive and complement the magic war of the dragon’s skies.

That’s why Blizzard has discarded this feature: the main reason for Blizzard’s implementation of the Crystal Forest forest as a “storage” for Dalaran is the violent performance issues that the Zone has had to deal with. The blame for this was Dalaran, where players were struggling with strong framerate burglaries and high latencies. The reason for this was again in the architecture of Nordend: Dalaran was technically on the same continent as the rest of Nordend – Blizzard solved this problem later by the factoring of individual areas of the game world.

It is particularly fascinating in the air battles that Blizzard apparently threw this feature very, very late in the course of the development of Wrath of the Lich King from the finished game. Both the feature trailer and the retail box of the add-on contain clear references to the fact that air combat should be an integral part of Wrath of the Lich King. Actually, the air raid was a central element in the PvP of Thousand-Winter – but after long, extensive tests at last, Blizzard decided to remove the feature from the game.

That’s why Blizzard has discarded this feature: Blizzard recognized Wrath of the Lich King that the air battles were just too little fun. Remains of this are still in individual quests in Nordend as well as in the eye of eternity, but they took the fans rather moderately enthusiastically – so it is probably also better that Blizzard never built the air battles into the final game. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Michael Bennett’s NFL black power salute could change sports protest Latria Graham

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If you blinked you might have missed it, because it only lasted 10 seconds – but it changed social justice demonstrations in the NFL. Now fans cannot tune out any longer.

On Sunday night, NFL player Michael Bennett celebrated a successful tackle by raising his right fist high into the sky. It was a silent gesture that echoed the civil rights-era Black Power salute used famously by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

For those that might have missed its significance, Bennett explained his move in a tweet later that night: “The raised fist represent unity or solidarity with oppressed peoples.”

Bennett has long been on the forefront of social justice. But things changed after his experience of racial profiling and a subsequent altercation with Las Vegas police this month. Bennett claims police “threatened to ‘blow my fucking head off.’” With the resulting smear campaign by the same police department, his demonstrations have taken on a new vitality.

Bennett’s gesture signals that social justice protest at the NFL is no longer relegated to the sidelines. While Colin Kaepernick – who gained fame for kneeling during the national anthem (which many fans don’t watch) in protest of systemic racism – Bennett has brought protest into the game itself. This means that fans, many of whom are divided over these protests, won’t be able to turn away from them. If they do, they’ll miss pivotal parts of the game.

Why Fox doesn’t want Americans to see NFL players protesting about race | Ameer Hasan Loggins
Read more
Fans may be uncomfortable with his refusal to stand. For Bennett, though, being uncomfortable is a chronic issue, because he is a black man living in the United States during a time of civil unrest, when black bodies are policed within an inch of their lives.

Bennett, an outspoken philanthropist and activist, uses his body as his medium for protest. That’s because the black male body in this arena is the thing that everyone – fans, management and even police are trying to regulate.

Kaepernick and his team, the San Francisco 49ers, have parted ways in a move that many believe to be a “punishment” for his protest. He currently is unsigned by any team, despite the fact that many other NFL players, like Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, say he deserves the opportunity to play again.

Every move of defiance Bennett makes is deeply personal in a way it wasn’t before. Since he is signed up with an NFL team, Bennett is doing what Kaepernick cannot do any more. He is using his high-profile position to push the conversation forward – and, to those are dismayed that Kaepernick is gone, that is just what’s needed. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)