WoW: And cut! These features fell victim to scissors in Wrath of the Lich King

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Over the years, Blizzard has repeatedly announced features for World of Warcraft and the individual extensions, which either never or completely differently found the way to the final game – the most important features that fell victim to the Lich King of the scissors we introduce you in this part of the series.

With Wrath of the Lich King, World of Warcraft is a time when the developers often and often announce features and content, even generously anteasern, which then but only in a strongly changed form or at all not find the way to the finished game. Probably the most famous example of this is the so-called dance studio, which should actually be playable with the second WoW add-on, but is still waiting today. But also a number of other, great features never saw the daylight of the Liveserver.

The subterranean kingdom of the Nerubians, presented in Wrath of the Lich King in the form of two five-man dungeons, was originally planned as a complete quest zone, which is located below the north. This zone was supposed to explain the story and the Lore background of the Nerubians, including rival factions and their relationship to the Lich King, to a much greater extent than we actually saw in the finished game about the corresponding dungeons and pre-quests. In particular, Anub’arak, who had played an important role in Warcraft III, was also likely to be much more prominent in Wrath of the Lich King than it actually was.

Instead, Blizzard has limited himself to seeing the single factions of the Aqir-derived insect peoples who were each
in a complete quest zone to see the Nerubian Kingdom of Azjol Nerub in Wrath of the Lich King as a five-man dungeon ,
Source: Blizzard of
the ancient gods, always present in individual quest zones on Azeroth as opponents or purpose ally – for example, in Silithus and Uldum, the Dragonblight or later on Pandaria.
Instead, in a complete quest zone, we only saw the Nerubian Kingdom of Azjol Nerub in Wrath of the Lich King as a five-man dungeon.

That’s why Blizzard has once again discarded this feature: Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street even once said that the deletion of Azjol-Nerub as a quest zone is the one feature of which he is particularly sad in World of Warcraft. The fact that Blizzard developers were not quite happy with the fact that they had to remove Azjol-Nerub is also shown by the fact that they later brought Anub’arak back as a raid boss. The reason why Blizzard decided to bring Azjol-Nerub into the game only in the form of the two five-man dungeons is not clear. Most likely, the developers simply missed the time to complete a complete, additional zone below Northrend with quests and to explain the complex history of the Nerubians satisfactorily.

The dance studio
The dance studio is probably by far the most famous example of a feature that the developers of WoW once announced once, but then never implemented in the game – quasi the “Hali Life 3” of Azeroth. Blizzard announced the dance studio already in the first trailer of Wrath of the Lich King on Blizzcon: It should offer players the possibility to customize their dance moves and create their own dances.

That’s why Blizzard has discarded this feature: Even though the fans have always turned to Blizzard over the years, the dance studio will probably never appear on the Liveservern. The reason why Blizzard put the development of the dance studio on hold is due to the effort that would flow into this feature. Blizzard would have to create tons of new animations for every WoW race and both sexes, which would draw lots of resources from other content. And they are much better off in new dungeons, quests and areas.

The crystal forest
Similar to Azjol-Nerub, the crystal-growth forest should actually have much more scope than was actually the case in the finished game. In the finished game, the crystal forest was only a cover of what it should actually be.
Performance problems gave the rest the rest.
In the finished game, the crystal forest was only a cover of what it should actually be. Performance problems gave the rest of the zone.
For example, the Argent Tournament should take place in the crystal forest and not in Icecrown. While the zone on the Liveservern, apart from the pretty optics, the two rival factions of the sunheads (Blutelfen) and the windmill (Hochelfen) as well as the neutral capital Dalaran had not much to offer, originally also for this zone comprehensive queststränge were planned. The fight between the two elf factions around the abandoned ruins of the crystal-growing forest should also be more extensive and complement the magic war of the dragon’s skies.

That’s why Blizzard has discarded this feature: the main reason for Blizzard’s implementation of the Crystal Forest forest as a “storage” for Dalaran is the violent performance issues that the Zone has had to deal with. The blame for this was Dalaran, where players were struggling with strong framerate burglaries and high latencies. The reason for this was again in the architecture of Nordend: Dalaran was technically on the same continent as the rest of Nordend – Blizzard solved this problem later by the factoring of individual areas of the game world.

It is particularly fascinating in the air battles that Blizzard apparently threw this feature very, very late in the course of the development of Wrath of the Lich King from the finished game. Both the feature trailer and the retail box of the add-on contain clear references to the fact that air combat should be an integral part of Wrath of the Lich King. Actually, the air raid was a central element in the PvP of Thousand-Winter – but after long, extensive tests at last, Blizzard decided to remove the feature from the game.

That’s why Blizzard has discarded this feature: Blizzard recognized Wrath of the Lich King that the air battles were just too little fun. Remains of this are still in individual quests in Nordend as well as in the eye of eternity, but they took the fans rather moderately enthusiastically – so it is probably also better that Blizzard never built the air battles into the final game. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Michael Bennett’s NFL black power salute could change sports protest Latria Graham

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If you blinked you might have missed it, because it only lasted 10 seconds – but it changed social justice demonstrations in the NFL. Now fans cannot tune out any longer.

On Sunday night, NFL player Michael Bennett celebrated a successful tackle by raising his right fist high into the sky. It was a silent gesture that echoed the civil rights-era Black Power salute used famously by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

For those that might have missed its significance, Bennett explained his move in a tweet later that night: “The raised fist represent unity or solidarity with oppressed peoples.”

Bennett has long been on the forefront of social justice. But things changed after his experience of racial profiling and a subsequent altercation with Las Vegas police this month. Bennett claims police “threatened to ‘blow my fucking head off.’” With the resulting smear campaign by the same police department, his demonstrations have taken on a new vitality.

Bennett’s gesture signals that social justice protest at the NFL is no longer relegated to the sidelines. While Colin Kaepernick – who gained fame for kneeling during the national anthem (which many fans don’t watch) in protest of systemic racism – Bennett has brought protest into the game itself. This means that fans, many of whom are divided over these protests, won’t be able to turn away from them. If they do, they’ll miss pivotal parts of the game.

Why Fox doesn’t want Americans to see NFL players protesting about race | Ameer Hasan Loggins
Read more
Fans may be uncomfortable with his refusal to stand. For Bennett, though, being uncomfortable is a chronic issue, because he is a black man living in the United States during a time of civil unrest, when black bodies are policed within an inch of their lives.

Bennett, an outspoken philanthropist and activist, uses his body as his medium for protest. That’s because the black male body in this arena is the thing that everyone – fans, management and even police are trying to regulate.

Kaepernick and his team, the San Francisco 49ers, have parted ways in a move that many believe to be a “punishment” for his protest. He currently is unsigned by any team, despite the fact that many other NFL players, like Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, say he deserves the opportunity to play again.

Every move of defiance Bennett makes is deeply personal in a way it wasn’t before. Since he is signed up with an NFL team, Bennett is doing what Kaepernick cannot do any more. He is using his high-profile position to push the conversation forward – and, to those are dismayed that Kaepernick is gone, that is just what’s needed. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 Is Riddled With Microtransactions

The latest game in the NBA 2K series is frustrating to play if you don’t want to spend any additional money on top of the $60 you have to shell out to get the game.
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Technically, you don’t ever need to buy anything in NBA 2K18. It’s just much, much easier if you do. Virtual Currency is the only currency in the game, and was introduced in the 2012 installment (NBA 2K13). It’s something you’ll use across game modes in 2K18, but it’s especially prevalent in the single-player myCareer mode, where you use it both for upgrading characters and customizing them.

In 2K18, like other installments, you’re able to earn Virtual Currency after every game, and you’ll start off with 6,000 VC. That seems generous until you actually start having to use your VC, where you’ll find that things are pretty expensive.

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When I spent the entirety of my 6,000 VC on my character, Xavier World Peace, he went from an overall rating of 60 to 62. You can still earn VC by playing games and it will scale with how well you play during the game, as it has in previous games in the series. But still, playing a game with my modest skill only netted me around 500 VC. Once I’d accrued another 1,000 VC, I tried to upgrade World Peace again. Fooling around with different stats, I realized that I’d be able to raise his overall rating one point if I spend about 4,000 VC.

If you’d like to customize your character in any way, Virtual Currency becomes even more precious. In particular, if you want to change your character’s hair, you have to purchase a haircut before you see it on the character itself.

You also won’t be able to see the price until you put it in the cart—this particular haircut costs 1,500 VC.

Not all haircuts are this expensive, but this is just a small part of character customization. What if you want a tattoo? Well, all tattoos other than the 2K logo are locked until you reach an overall rating of 70, and then actually adding the tattoo to your character costs an additional 1,000 VC.

This is the same for clothes, shoes and player animations—you have to raise your overall rating to unlock the good stuff, and then you still have to pay VC to actually purchase it. Want Michael Jordan’s signature dunk? Well, first you have to to unlock it, and then you can still have to pay for the animation.

That means you have to play hours of games to earn VC… or buy 75,000 of VC for $20. In general, playing myCareer mode is a constant reminder of how much VC you don’t have, as the game will frequently present you with the option to purchase more.

Fans of the NBA2K series aren’t wholly opposed to the idea of buying a currency, but the overall sentiment online appears to be that 2K18 feels more predatory than previous games in the series. One fan estimated that in order to get to an overall rating of 86 and not spend any money, you’d have to play over 200 games.

2K has not responded to requests for comment on NBA 2K18’s VC system. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Microtransactions like these are never popular with players, and for good reason. Who wants to spend another $20 when they’ve already spent $60 on the game itself? It’s disheartening to see a basketball series I’ve enjoyed in the past feel so sleazy in its latest installment. At least let me preview the hair, NBA 2K18. Not everyone looks good with cheap NBA2K18 coins from

FIFA 18 glitch way Ronaldo can not do his very own ‘Elastico’ skill circulate that he made well-known

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FIFA 18 glitch way Ronaldo can not do his very own ‘Elastico’ skill circulate that he made well-known
The Brazilian legend has only been given a four-superstar ability score
The brand new instalment of Fifa might be released in underneath 10 days’ time, but creators EA sports have already got a headache on their arms after avid enthusiasts noticed a alternatively embarrassing fail with certainly one of soccer’s greatest ever gamers.

Ronaldo – the Brazilian striker – has only been given a four-megastar skill set regardless of being one of the most technically proficient players to have graced the game in the closing 25 years, which means that he cannot entire all the ability movements a good way to be to be had on FIFA 18 when it’s released on 29 September.

that during itself has brought about uproar on social media, though it could be an try with the aid of EA sports activities to try to tighten its generosity toward the very exceptional gamers. in any case, no person could be amazed if Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo had been located in a league of their very own.


FIFA 18 Trailer
but here comes the embarrassing component. not best is Ronaldo located within the 2nd tier of gamers ranked on their ability, he is unable to complete the ‘Elastico’ – in any other case known as the ‘flip-Flap’ – the flow that he helped make well-known.

The Brazil ahead often baffled warring parties through wriggling his way out of tight eventualities with the move, as the video below demonstrates.

The ‘Elastico’ requires a five-star talent set in order to complete the pass in the course of fits, that means that the football legend will be unable to copy the flow while the brand new recreation is launched.

examine greater
Fifa 18 scores revealed: Ronaldo pips Messi to top spot again
EA sports activities nonetheless have enough time to restoration the issue, with the FIFA 18 demo the most effective platform presently to be had wherein users are constrained to 13 groups that variety from Manchester United, Chelsea and actual Madrid to Boca Juniors, Toronto FC and Vissel Kobe of the J1 League in Japan.

It’s now not the primary time that EA sports activities have come a cropper inside the talent department. inside the FIFA 11 edition, the ‘McGeady Spin’ changed into delivered to comprehend the skill utilised by using then Spartak Moscow midfielder Aiden McGeady, most effective for the Republic of eire global to fall quick of the desired talent score.(Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Recent disasters hurry World of Warcraft to release this year’s charity pet

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Due to hurricanes Harvey and Irma, flooding in South Asia, and “countless other crises” around the world, Blizzard has decided this year’s World of Warcraft charity drive cannot wait. Instead of releasing the new charity pet alongside BlizzCon in November, Shadow the Fox is available for ‘adoption’ now.

“The immediacy of events, including hurricanes Harvey and Irma, flooding in South Asia, and countless other crises, have shown we need to act now,” Blizzard wrote.

Adopting Shadow costs $10 (price varies by region), and there are, “No papers to sign and it’s already had all its shots!” Blizzard said. And unlike with Warner’s recent Middle-earth: Shadow of War fundraising for a developer who sadly died of cancer, Blizzard is transparent and clear about where your adoption fee will go: 100 per cent to charity, split equally between the American Red Cross Disaster Relief and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Shadow the Fox looks like a big-eared Fennec fox and has a colour-changing coat, which can be a purpley shadow colour or a light tan. Shadow can also take part in World of Warcraft pet battles, and will be available for all WoW characters on your account.

Must not write Shadow the Hedgehog…
This isn’t the first time World of Warcraft has raised money for charity by selling a pet. Last autumn, Blizzard raised $2.5m for the Make-A-Wish through sales of the Mischief Fel Kitty World of Warcraft pet; In 2015, Blizzard donated all of $1.9m raised by sales of Argi the goat to help the Red Cross deal with the Ebola outbreak; and in 2014, Blizzard raised $1m for, again, the Make-A-Wish foundation through sales of the Alterac Brew Pup pet.

World of Warcraft isn’t the only game Blizzard has used to raise money for charity. Last year Hearthstone sold an alternate mage hero called Khadgar, for $5, with all proceeds going to World Wildlife Fund, and Blizzard has raised money through streaming initiatives via Heroes of the Storm before too. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

WoW: The emerald green nightmare – so the places looked like before the nightmare

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In World of Warcraft: Legion we took it in the first raid with the emerald green nightmare and superfisher Xavius. During the raid we visited many affected areas all over Azeroth. But how does the direct comparison look like? A video has the answer.

The Emerald Green Nightmare plays an enormously important role in World of Warcraft Legion. For example, the Val’sharah quest area is largely defiled by the nightmare, and some of the quests are causing great events involving the rogue Xavius. Ach Ysera …

Finally, Xavius ​​is also in the raid to the emerald green nightmare, where we meet different bosses in a special environment. But how did the places look like before the infestation by the nightmare?

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WoW: Previously handsome, somehow
Thus Ursoc expects us at his shrine in the grizzly hills, while Cenarius makes the moonlighting uncertain. All these places we know, of course, from the many years in World of Warcraft. The YouTube channel ” IS4 Studio ” has once adopted the raid and reconciled the places of the nightmare with those in the current world. The differences are not only huge, but partly also really interesting.

What is your favorite position? You can find more on this topic on our World of Warcraft theme page . (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NFL (2nd day): Beaten for his first at home, Giants worry

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The season has barely begun as New York is already facing serious doubts. Foul to the new defeat of the Giants, Monday faced Detroit (24-10) for their first homecoming.

Despite the return of injury from its star receiver Odell Beckham Jr, recovered from his problems at an ankle, the New York franchise took water in his Metlife Stadium against Lions who did not give the impression of force to quietly dismiss the Giants from their passage. Detroit, winner of his second success of the season, especially benefited from the big offensive problems of his opponent to be rewarded of its solid performance thanks in particular the two touchdown passes of its quarterback Matthew Stafford, of which a rookie assistant Jamal Agnew, author of his first TD in NFL. For their part, the Giants have no choice: they will have to avoid a third setback on Sunday on the lawn of the Philadelphia Eagles.



Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cincinnati Bengals – Houston Texans : 9-13

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Atlanta Falcons – Green Bay Packers : 34-23

Baltimore Ravens – Cleveland Browns: 24-10

Carolina Panthers – Buffalo Bills: 9-3

Indianapolis Colts – Arizona Cardinals : 13-16

Jacksonville Jaguars – Tennessee Titans : 16-37

Kansas City Chiefs – Philadelphia Eagles: 27-20

New Orleans Saints – New England Patriots : 20-36

Pittsburgh Steelers – Minnesota Vikings: 26-9

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Chicago Bears: 29-7

Los Angeles Chargers – Miami Dolphins : 17-19

Oakland Raiders – New York Jets: 45-20

Denver Broncos – Dallas Cowboys: 42-17

Los Angeles Rams – Washington Redskins : 20-27

Seattle Seahawks – San Francisco 49ers: 12-9

Monday, September 18, 2017

New York Giants – Detroit Lions : 10-24

Our latest videos: Hurricane Maria arrives on Guadeloupe (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 is in the bins

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It is with a little delay that we inform you of the release of NBA 2K18 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the Switch version is expected for October 17th. On platforms of new generation and PC, the game proposes to you in particular a new mode called Le Quartier in which you will find all the functions of the modes MaCARRIERE, MyPARK and Pro-AM: once is not custom you will follow the ascension of an undrafted player passing directly from the streetball to the NBA! These versions also offer new animations and improved control, as well as 17 new classic teams that will allow you to find some of the biggest stars of the sport.

FIFA 18 Ratings: Top 20 of the fastest players – Bundesliga star dominated list

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Electronic Arts names the top 20 of the fastest players in FIFA 18. The ratings include kickers like Raheem Sterling, Jordi Alba, Sadio Mané and Gareth Bale. The first place goes to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Borussia Dortmund – the Bundesliga star is the fastest player in FIFA 18. Who lands behind it? We have listed all the values ​​and statistics of the superflinken kickers. The values ​​are quite interesting for the Ultimate team – the web app starts on September 21st. The full version of FIFA 18 will be released on September 29th for PC and consoles.

Electronic Arts calls new ratings for FIFA 18 ( Amazon iconnow $ 59.99 ) . This time, the top 20 of the fastest players in football simulation are in the forefront. Especially for players of the Ultimate Modus’ the values ​​should be especially helpful – the ratings betray, which footballers you should pay particular attention in the popular card game. In the current ranking are professionals such as Raheem Sterling, Jordi Alba, Sadio Mané and Gareth Bale. The first place goes to a Bundesliga star: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Borussia Dortmund is the fastest player in FIFA 18.

All ratings and statistics are available in our gallery below – click through. EA has already released the Top 100 of the best players in FIFA 18 . In the Top 10 , two German players made this year: Toni Kroos and Manuel Neuer. The latter have conceded against important goalkeeper rivals such as Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus Turin and David de Gea of ​​Manchester United. Toni Kroos is one of the best passplayer in the world. Robert Lewandowski of FC Bayern München also received top ratings in FIFA 18 – and ranked among the ten best players.

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FIFA 18 will be released on September 29, 2017. The FIFA 18 Web App will open its doors a week ago . This gives you the opportunity to create a first team for the Ultimate team mode – and take a look at the new features. On the 21st of September, the EA Access version (membership from 3.99 Euro per month) of FIFA 18 is also available. The trial version is limited to 10 hours, but offers all content from the full version. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Referee’s column for the 4. Matchday: Borussia Dortmund against the 1. FC Cologne – why a repeat is unlikely

hat happened on Sunday night in the stoppage time of the first half of the match between Borussia Dortmund and 1. FC Köln (5-0) will probably provide even longer discussions and probably even the sports court.

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Picture of 1. FC Köln. Borussia Dortmund, Protest
Cologne is planning protests for disgrace
Toxic duel: BVB sees FC as “bad losers” after 0: 5-claps.

At the end of the game, Borussia’s goal is a 1: 0 goal, but referee Patrick Ittrich refuses to accept Sokratis’ goal. For he is of the opinion that the Greek had previously been unfair.

The Dortmunders are complaining, but they are quickly confronted with the decision. They all start from a free-kick for Cologne. Then, however, video assistant Felix Brych, who regards the scene quite differently, makes contact with Ittrich.

Why the 2: 0 for the BVB was irregular
The discussion by radio takes about 35 seconds, then the impartial follows the recommendation of his colleague on the monitor and gives the 2: 0 for the BVB nevertheless. The Cologne protest.

And not only because the guests from the Rhineland of the – not disgusting – view are that it has not been a clear mistake of the Referees to evaluate Sokratis’ use as a foul. But mainly because they assume that Ittrich had already knocked out when the ball rolled over the goal line.

Photo by Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben
FC Bayern are going to be kicked
Great feelings in Munich – and Sandro Wagner is as crass as Chuck Norris.

In fact, the hit could not count. Because in the football rules it is unmistakable: “Every whistle interrupts the game.” Immediately and irrevocably.

That the ball in Dortmund, when the referee blew his pipe, just before the crossing of the goal line and could not be stopped by any Cologne, plays no role. The regulation leaves no room for maneuver.

Video wizard should not interfere
And that means also: The video assistant should not have intervened. Because the match was already interrupted before the goal was scored, and there was otherwise no situation in which interfering would have been permissible.

But obviously both Felix Brych and Patrick Ittrich were convinced that the whistle did not take place until the ball was already in the Cologne box.

This has had consequences that will now also affect the DFB’s sporting authorities. For the 1. FC Cologne has announced to play the Spielverwertung , in order to reach a repeat play.

Facts or rules?
Finally, the arguing argues, the referee did not merely make a false decision of the facts, but committed an offense.

The difference between the two is that, in the event of a factual decision, the impartial person makes a statement which may be false, but in which the rules are correctly applied on the basis of the subjectively perceived.

In the case of a rule offense, on the other hand, the determination of a state of affairs is followed by the wrong technical rule, for example with regard to the continuation of the game.

Comparable case 20 years ago
If one wants to assess the prospects of the 1. FC Cologne on a repeat play, a look into the past is helpful. For 20 years ago, a similar incident occurred in Dortmund.

Image of Christian Gentner
This is Christian Gentner
VfB sports board Reschke gives update to the state of the injured.
2 hours ago

At that time, referee Michael Malbranc recognized the equalizer of the KSC by Sean Dundee in the game between 1860 Munich and the Karlsruher SC in the 88th minute at the score of 2: 1, although shortly before his shot the encounter was due to a fouls had interrupted.

The Munich protested, the DFB resumed the encounter. However, FIFA condemned the ruling on the grounds that it had dealt with a factual decision of the Referees and thus an “irrefutable fact”. Malbranc had said that he had “only scouted after the gate”.

Kiessling’s “Phantom Gate” also counted (Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

More recently, the “Phantom Gate” that Stefan Kießling scored in October 2013 during the game of his Leverkusener in Hoffenheim. At that time, the ball was blown through a hole in the outside net into the host’s house. However, referee Felix Brych had decided on goal.

A rule offense? No, judged the DFB sports court. Finally, both the referee and his assistants had credibly confirmed that they had been convinced on the pitch by a correct goal goal.

BVB celebrates Kantersieg over Cologne
Dortmund is highly earned compared to large parts of passive Cologne.

Thus here, too, there was only one, albeit incorrect, factual decision which could not lead to a repetition. In both cases, the perception of the impartial on the playing field and the resulting decision were essential.

FIFA’s decision is a matter of fact
This means, for example, in the case of Malbranc: A rule offense would only have been presented if the referee had admitted already before the goal scored whistle and then erroneously declared the hit validly, so the rules wrongly applied.

That his faux pas was doubtless and objectively proven – as did Brych’s mistake in Hoffenheim – was irrelevant. For FIFA, the referee’s decision on the pitch weighed heavier.

In view of this, it can not be assumed that the appeal will be accepted by the 1. FC Köln.

Ittrich and Brych convinced of the decision
Because if it was the referee Patrick Ittrich and the video assistant Felix Brych aware that the whistle had already sounded before the ball crossed the goal line, their conversation would have been superfluous, and it would have proceeded with a free kick for the Cologne.

They were only able to score the goal because they were convinced that the game had not yet been interrupted. This, however, is likely to lead to an irrefutable factual decision, not a rule offense.

Especially since the International Football Association Board’s (Ifab) guidelines for video refer to: “A game is not invalid due to wrong decisions concerning the video assistant (since the video assistant is a game official).”

Impatience and expectation are (too) great

From 18.09. at Lidl:
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It was not known why Felix Brych escaped in the review of the scene that the game had already been interrupted by a whistle at the time of the goal. It is painful in any case that the video assistant in this case has caused a problem that would not have existed without him.

The spectacular case gives the DFL and the DFB further discussions about the video. Some critics consider him not to be mature, others would prefer to abolish him.

The impatience is great, the expectation also. It is often forgotten that this is a test of a drastic innovation that can not rule out mistakes, doubts and misunderstandings. And has so far also produced many very positive results. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)